“Magnum Farce”
(Airdate: Nov. 22, 1986). When a group of vigilante cops begin killing criminals who have gotten off due to legal technicalities, Hammer is assigned to infiltrate the group. To test his loyalty the rogues assign him the task of killing a female district attorney who is out to stop them. While this same D.A. tries to seduce Hammer in her home, Sledge learns that she is really the leader of the vigilantes and plans to kill him.

Guest Cast: Janice Lynde as District Attorney Evelyn Collins, Mark Rolston as Braddock, David Leisure as Jackson, Jay Rasumny as Medwick, Kathleen Bailey as Veronica.

Writers: Jim Fisher and Jim Staahl.

Director: Chuck Braverman.

Trivia: This episode marked one of the few times, along with the second season show “Wild About Hammer”, when an actual Clint Eastwood film was spoofed.

Actress Kathleen Bailey went to school with Alan Spencer during the seventies. He had no idea she’d become an actress until she walked in to audition.

Not long after, David Leisure would become wildly popular as “Joe Isuzu” on a series of famous car commercials and join the cast of the NBC series “Empty Nest”. Even after becoming a household name, Mr. Leisure enjoyed “Sledge” so much that he returned to guest star as a prison guard on the second season episode “Hammer Hits The Rock”.