“Dori Day Afternoon”
(Airdate: Oct. 24, 1986). When Hammer and Dori make a trip to the bank they become involved in an armed robbery. The detectives are taken hostage and the robbers demand a plane to take them to Rio. Dori tries to convince Hammer to let her use her training in terrorist psychology and persuasion before he starts blowing everyone away.

Guest Cast: Frank Doubleday as Cliff, Britt Leach as Lou, Michael Ensign as Crandell, Coleby Lornbardo as the little boy, Kate Stern as the woman, Dorothy Patterson as the old woman.

Writers: Mert Rich and Brian Pollack.

Director: James Sheldon.

Trivia: This episode marked the first script from the exceptional writing team of Mert Rich and Brian Pollack, who would stay with the show for the entire run as well as pen the final episode. Both are very natty dressers.

Actress Kate Stern is “Get Smart” executive producer Leonard Stern’s daughter.