“Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer”
(Airdate: Feb. 12, 1988). A reunion with an old chum takes Hammer back to a time when he wasn't so callous, until he learns that this same friend plans to marry the ex-Mrs. Hammer. This leads to a personal crisis for Sledge, forcing him to confront not only his past… but also his future.

Guest Cast: Heather Lupton as Susan Hilton, Michael Kaufman as Scott Grable, Chris Jackson as Dominick Tauber, Walter Sylvest as the minister.

Writers: Mert Rich and Brian Pollack.

Director: Bill Bixby.

Trivia: Rasche’s real life wife portrayed the oft-mentioned “ex-Mrs. Hammer” in the series’ final episode.

Some fans objected to Hammer, during a fit of pique, hurling his beloved gun across the room… while others responded favorably to the character development that allowed Sledge to admit he wasn’t invulnerable to loneliness.

As Dori correctly surmised in the first episode: “No one could possibly be as nihilistic as you’re pretending to be.”