“It Happened What Night?”
(Airdate: Feb. 5, 1988). Hammer and Doreau are the brunt of co-worker's jokes after the two are unable to recall events after posing as newlyweds in a honeymoon suite, attempting to nab suspects conducting a narcotics deal next door.

Guest Cast: Stanley Brock as Roy Talbot, Michael Pniewski as Roy Talbot Jr ., Monte Landis as the hotel manager, Sandy Kenyon as the chairman, John C. Cooke as Officer Woodfin, Bob Frank as the bellboy.

Writers: Mark Curtiss and Rod Ash. Director: Bill Bixby.

Trivia: David Rasche, an inventive actor, came up with the idea of addressing the tribunal at the end of the show ala Clarence Darrow. It wasn’t written that way.