“They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?”
(Airdate: Oct. 17,1986). An escaped convict wrecks havoc in the city, promising even more destruction unless Hammer agrees to meet him in an old west style showdown. The convict is John Kogan, Hammer's childhood rival as well as former partner in the police department. Kogan is also the only man faster on the draw than Hammer… a fact that Sledge is well aware of.

Guest Cast: Jack Thibeau as John Kogan, Dennis Fimple as the informant, Charlie Brill as the suspect, Floyd Levin as the desk sergeant, Simmy Bow as Deadeye Dick, David Livingston as David King, Neith Hunter as the woman, Doug Allen as the man in the phone booth, Frank Wagner as the clown, Jonathan Brandis as young Sledge, Shawn Donahue as young Kogan, David Starwalt as the second cop, Paul Picerni as the cop announcer, Doc Duhame as the bus driver.

Writers: Diana Ayres and Susan Sebastian.

Director: David Wechter.

Trivia: Guest star Jack Thibeau has acted in some renown Clint Eastwood films, including “Escape From Alcatraz” and “Sudden Impact”. He’s also a gifted writer.

A funny sight gag involving an obnoxious circus clown sitting over a water tank was cut due to time, although the actor was still credited.