“The Secret of My Excess”
(Airdate: Jan. 29, 1988). Hammer scours the city's sleazy bars on a top-secret assignment to find the governor's missing daughter, who reportedly fell in with the wrong crowd.

Guest Cast: James Karen as Governor E.J. LaChatte, Mary Otis as Angel, Susie Loucks as Camille, Ernie Sabella as Al Fresco, Marianne Muellerleile as Big Mabel, Mark Holton as the aide, Mark Blankfield as Joey the Slug, Anna Marlowe as Felicity.

Writer: Alicia Marie Schudt.

Director: Dick Martin.

Trivia: Censors wouldn’t allow a real movie studio to be referenced, so the odd name “Parymount” had to be dubbed in after the fact.

James Karen, an inspired actor, starred in one of Alan Spencer's favorite films "The Return of the Living Dead."