“Model Dearest”
(Airdate: Jan. 7, 1988). After a model disappears and her cousin is hospitalized, Doreau goes undercover to infiltrate a modeling agency that is really a front for a white-slavery ring.

Guest Cast: Brion James as Don Merrill, Deborah Wakeham as Jessica Hayden, Jill Jacobson as Sally. Other guest stars: Mort Sertner, Joanne Baron, Nancy Parker.

Writers: David Ketchum and Tony DiMarco.

Director: Dick Martin.

Trivia: Don Merrill was one of the few TV critics who not only didn’t like “Sledge Hammer!” but also would call producer Alan Spencer and launch into diatribes, decrying why the show was remaining on the air and claiming that “The Beverly Hillbillies” featured better writing. As “homage” to this astute journalist, Spencer named the character of a vindictive fashion photographer after him. So there!

Guest star Nancy Parker essayed a “Bette Davis” style landlady in grand style. She’s an accomplished comedian as well as impressionist… able to recreate the voice of every character from “The Wizard of Oz” in a mesmerizing, not to mention hilarious, routine.

The sight of Doreau wearing a bikini remains memorable to fans of the show.