“They Call Me Mr. Trunk”
(Airdate: Dec. 17, 1987). The precinct is quarantined by the military after Hammer takes into custody a man exposed to a highly toxic substance he tried to steal from a germ-warfare center.

Guest Cast: William Smithers as Col. Poltz, Edy Williams as herself, Greg Travis as the attorney, Norman Fell as the doctor, Jim Bentley as the bartender, Dallas Cole as the nurse, Diane St. Marie as Lisa Ellerblurb.

Writers: Mark Curtiss and Rod Ash.

Director: Seymour Robbie.

Trivia: Guest star Edy Williams is well known not only for her appearances in Russ Meyer films, but for the revealing outfits she’d wear to Academy Awards pre-show that left nothing to the imagination. Her gowns often barely qualified as belts. Ms. Williams also possesses a delightful sense of humor.

This episode featured what many fans regard as their favorite moment: Hammer hallucinating that his gun can talk back to him.