(Airdate: Oct. 3,1986). After a mobster puts out a “one week only” million-dollar contract on Hammer, every killer in the city, and some financially strapped cops, tries to claim the prize. After an attempted hit takes place in Capt. Trunk' s office, Hammer is ordered to spend the week in a small "Hamish” village. Hammer proceeds to disrupt the lives of this pacifistic community. By the time the hired gunmen arrive, the formerly peaceful farmers, who Hammer corrupted into the ways of violence, assist him.

Guest Cast: Al Ruscio as Don Philip Souza, Lewis Arquette as Jacob, Ann Ryerson as Isadora, John Milford as Officer Lenny, Basil Hoffman as Saul Steinway, Phil Diskin as the vendor, Mike Tino as the bodyguard, Howard S. Miller as the thug, Bob Corso as the customer.

Writer: Alan Spencer.

Director: Jackie Cooper.

Trivia: This popular episode was a satire on the Oscar winning Harrison Ford movie “Witness”.

The original script described the farmers as living in a “Hamish” community, but censors pressured it be changed. In the episode, they were called “Mennonotes”… which also engendered laughs.

One high profile sponsor bailed from the show due to a particularly violent sight gag wherein two hit men accidentally shot each other.

A prominent animal rights group protested a running gag that had the lead mobster stroking cats, and then repeatedly tossing the felines out a nearby window whenever he stood up.

“Sledge” creator Spencer did a Hitchcockian style cameo during the precinct scene.

Guest star Ann Ryerson performed along with “Hammer” star David Rasche in Second City.