(airdate: Oct. 29, 1987). An incident atop a high-rise building triggers a fear of heights in Hammer, which gets him a ground floor assignment guarding a gun moll. Pursued by a hit man, Hammer is unable to save her from being thrown from the top of a lighthouse. Later, Hammer swears he’s seen the dead woman returned to life as a waitress.

Guest Cast: Deborah Harmon as Angelica Delmonte, Al Israel as the hit man, Mario Roccuzzo as the crook, Leslie Norris as Dr. Fall.

Writers: David Ketchum and Tony DiMarco.

Director: Reza Badiyi.

Trivia: “Vertigo” was one of the producer’s favorite movies. The same affection applied to its fabled star Kim Novak. This episode was a reverential homage to Hitchcock’s classic featuring a lush score, skillful direction from Reza Badiyi and a keen performance from guest star Deborah Harmon, yet another Second City alumnus who has starred in popular movies such as “Used Cars” and “Bachelor Party”.