“Death of a Few Salesmen”
(Airdate: Oct. 15, 1987). Hammer goes undercover as Aussie used-car salesman Crocodile Ralph in order to catch the woman who married, then killed, six car dealers.

Guest Cast: Victoria Carroll as Mrs. Cody, Joanne Baron as Miss Hobbs, John Homa as Mike Richards, Dale Harimoto as the newscaster.

Writers: Mark Curtiss and Rod Ash.

Director: Bill Bixby.

Trivia: David Rasche, a versatile performer, was able to master a deft “Aussie” accent.

This episode was the first script from writing team Mark Curtiss and Rod Ash, two wonderful writers who cut their teeth on Shelley Duvall’s critically acclaimed “Fairytale Theater” as well as the late night comedy series “Fridays”. They contributed significantly to the second season of “Sledge Hammer!” and regularly ordered in lunch.