“Hammer Gets Nailed”
(Airdate: Sept.26, 1986). A news reporter and his cameraman spend the day with Hammer and Doreau, only to wind up driving the reporter off a cliff during a police chase. The reporter does an expose on Hammer's tactics that results in his suspension, yet again, from the force. Hammer returns to the department's good graces after he disarms a bomb in a clock store while the television cameras are rolling.

Guest Cast: Ronnie Schell as Phil Gumm, Eric Cord as the cameraman, Tim McDaniel as the punk, Robert Hallick as the hood, Mert Rich as the clerk, William Hubbard Knight as the anchorman.

Writers: Michael Reiss and Al Jean.

Director: Chuck Braverman.

Trivia: This episode marked the first teleplay from talented writers Michael Reiss and Al Jean, who would make a significant contribution to the first season of “Sledge Hammer!” They also have impeccable table manners.

Director Chuck Braverman directed the telecast of Andy Kaufman’s legendary Carnegie Hall concert.