“Desperately Seeking Dori”
(Airdate: Feb. 7,1987). While pursuing a counterfeiter, Doreau gets knocked on the head. The results are a personality disorder that makes her behave in the same anti-social, violent manner as her partner Hammer.

Guest Cast: Rod McCary as Jean Claude, Robert Tessier as Stoolie, Alan Blumenfeld as the doctor.

Writer: Michael Reiss and Al Jean.

Director: Bob Sweeney.

Trivia: This marked the first appearance of “Officer Daley” played by the talented actress Patti Tippo… who’s gone on to appear in many motion pictures and TV shows, such as Tim Burton’s wonderful “Ed Wood”.

British actor Monty Landis appeared at the end of this episode portraying a Scotland Yard inspector. The character was a satire of Edward Woodward's title role from the CBS series "The Equalizer." Mr. Landis also appeared in "Young Frankenstein" and the was a good friend of the late Marty Feldman, who Alan Spencer was close to.