“The Color of Hammer”
(Airdate: Jan. 24, 1987). When Hammer's favorite hanging judge dismisses charges against a local mobster, Hammer investigates. The judge is found murdered with the only clue leading to a shady pool hall. Sledge poses as a pool shark to uncover the racketeer who has been blackmailing city officials.

Guest Cast: Allan Rich as Judge Jackson, Martine Beswick as Lana, Anthony James as Iron Mike Heckelsmiller, Jacklyn Zeman as Brianne O 'Brian.

Writers: Brian Pollack and Mert Rich.

Director: Bruce Bilson.

Trivia: Martine Beswick is well-regarded for her appearances in the James Bond films “From Russia, With Love” and “Thunderball” as well as “One Million Years B.C.” Her sinister and sexy performance in “Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde” further elevated her to cult status.

Guest star Anthony James is yet another alumni from Clint Eastwood films, such as the Academy Award winning classic “Unforgiven”. He’s also an accomplished artist.