“Haven't Gun, Will Travel”
(Airdate: Jan. 17, 1987). A gang of silver thieves, working in cahoots with an unscrupulous police psychiatrist, destroys Hammer's psyche when they steal his beloved 44 Magnum… effectively crippling the crime fighter.

Guest Cast: Bill Dana as Dr. Weisbart, Alan Miller as Fredricks, Jerry Rouser as Eddie, Jeff Doucette as the bartender.

Writer: Gerald Gardner.

Director: David Wechter.

Trivia: Guest star Bill Dana is a much loved comedian (“My name is Jose Jimenez”) as well as writer (the classic “Sammy Davis” episode of “All in the Family”.) Writing material for his friend Don Adams, who was then also a standup comic, Dana was responsible for creating the very first “Would you believe?” routine.

Episode scribe Gerald Gardner co-wrote, along with Dee Caruso, some memorable segments of “Get Smart” and is an oft-published political satirist.

Police psychiatrist Weisbart equated Hammer’s gun to “an extensive of his penis,” but apoplectic network censors forbade the reference. The reference was changed to “an extension of his manhood” to satisfy broadcast standards.

This episode features particularly standout work from David Rasche, fully exploring the male psyche of his nihilistic character, and is the favorite episode of many fans.