“The Old Man and the Sledge”
(Airdate: Jan. 3,1987). Hammer gets his idol, a retired police detective with a reputation for old school toughness, a job as a security guard at a local jewelry store. When the store is robbed, the old man is wounded and ends up at a retirement home. Hammer feels responsible for what happened and vows to get revenge on the thieves… not realizing he’s also giving the old man one last shot at glory.

Guest Cast: Stephen Elliot as Gilmore Yales, Alan Fudge as Mr. Smith, Daniel Radell as the social worker.

Writers: Mert Rich and Brian Pollack.

Director: Chuck Braverman.

Trivia: Having the character of Hammer show compassion for the similarly antisocial Gilmore Yates gave this episode unexpected heart… aided greatly by noted actor Stephen Elliot in his guest-starring role. Elliot is best remembered as the crazed father in law to Dudley Moore’s drunken playboy in the movie “Arthur”.