“If Had a Little Hammer”
(Airdate: Nov. 29,1986). Hammer and Dori pose as a couple wanting to adopt a baby in order to discover who is kidnapping infants from a hospital maternity ward. They learn that the hospital’s head nurse and her brother are behind the abductions, which lead to an incongruous shootout in a baby supply warehouse.

Guest Cast: Brion James as Felix Dubrie, Michele Marsh as Levina Robbins, Margaret Must as Mrs. Calder, Jeannie Elias as Mrs. Vales, Burton Collins as Mr. Vates, Dennis Fimple as the informant, Sherri Stoner as the receptionist.

Writers: Deborah Raznick and Daniel Benton.

Director: Kim Manners.

Trivia: The late Brion James was a respected character actor who appeared in varied films such as “Blade Runner” and “The Player”. He would guest star again on the series in the second season episode “Model Dearest”.